The neighborhood in the cloud

Titleimage: The neighborhood in the cloud

How do neighborhood networks form? Who interacts with whom and on which channels? And how do such contacts as well as other spatial contexts influence individual decisions and values? We are investigating these and other questions in the SNSF Ambizione project "The neighborhood in the cloud."

Spatial contexts such as neighborhoods or also broader regions influence - sometimes quite explicitly, sometimes subtly - the opportunities open to us in our everyday lives. If there are no open apprenticeships in the immediate vicinity for the occupation of choice, people may switch to the next best alternative. If all the people in my neighborhood have political opinions that differ from mine, I may prefer to move on and find a more suitable environment.

The project "The neighborhood in the cloud", funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), evolves around such influences. For this purpose, we are using different methods and data sources to obtain results that are as meaningful and reliable as possible.